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Europe 2011


On March 1, 2011, travel in Europe started in Rome (with a brief landing in Helsinki). In the subpages of Travel_Europe 2011, you will see installments of photos from the March trip. The month of travel was faster-paced than anticipated, except, perhaps, for the time in Sicily. The following are the towns and cities visited in March:
Italy – Rome, Palermo, Napoli (brief), Siracusa, Lentino, Sortino, Bari
Tirana, Albania
Skopje, Macedonia
Belgrade, Serbia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Munich, Germany

On April 1, 2011, I started my three month art residency fellowship at Nelimarkka Museum in Alajärvi, Finland. The beginning was quite shocking – I was back in the dregs of winter and felt quite isolated. Visits to Helsinki, Finland; Tampere, Finland; Schwarzwald, Germany; and Frankfurt, Germany helped the transition into spring. From the photos in installments to follow, you will see the immense difference between seasons here in Alajärvi, Finland. The lakes and surrounding land around here are gorgeous. Birds abound and are not shy to call out. It is their land and I am just a visitor. Pheasant(s) cross the road by me. (I thought a pterodactyl was flying overhead when I first heard the pheasant’s call. In gazing at one particular pheasant, I joked that it would look good on the dining table. Since then, Darina, a Bulgarian artist also at the residence, and I picked a name for him – Chester. If Chester is ever missing, I will have to account for his whereabouts). Cats strut and slink about. Rabbits dart through the fields. And yes, a mouse (or…) inhabits the wall by which I sleep and s/he makes loud rustling noises at night. Sounds idyllic, but the pressure is on to produce work!

Ala=area  järvi=lake

The Coliseum, Rome


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