Grace Chang Studio Architecture, Art and Design

Artisanal Explorations

Buttery Sea Salt and Dulce de Leche Caramels (with vanilla, kombucha vinegar, cardamom)

Olive Tapenade Made with organic extra virgin olive oil. Non vegetarian, with anchovies/sardines. Addictive. A little goes a long way.
The Great Seasoning Rub Back by popular demand. Truly versatile, fragrant and earthy spice rub for use on all meats, fish and vegetables.
Holiday Pancake Mix with Cranberries and Orange Zest Light yet hearty pancakes made with organic, oat and wheat flours and highlighted with the zing of cranberries and orange zest.
Savory Scone Mix with Herbs Flavorful and balanced with aromatic herbs. Made with organic flour.
Sweet Scone Mix with Raisins and Orange Zest 
Perfect scones to have with afternoon tea. Made with organic flour.

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