Grace Chang Studio Architecture, Art and Design

Night Canal I

20″ x 30″ Monoprint, 2009 [Monoprint No. 6788-94]

2 Responses to Night Canal I

  1. Dear Ms. Chang,

    Excellent. You used the theme from the Subtraction guy, born in Vietnam, who designs the NYTimes. Anything you like or don’t like about it. I love the bees. I will spend time on this and hope to see you soon.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Gus,

    I just put up this site fairly recently, so still have to figure things out. The theme is the F8 lite theme from Graph Paper Press. It is tough for me because it requires more web design knowledge than I have. (Cannot quite figure out things like how to set up the RSS feed correctly, sigh). I was looking for a theme with which I could both have a gallery and blog. For the most part I like F8 lite but not sure if it will ultimately be what I need.

    I, along with my niece and nephew, cannot get enough of the Lemon Butter Vienna Finger ice cream. Absolutely divine, especially whenever lemon and cream come together. I head out to another art residency – Glen Arbor Art Association Art Residency (MI) – for 3 weeks. Right after that I hope to update the site with images and blogs from Wyoming (Jentel Artist Residency) and Glen Arbor. I will be back at Toscanini’s then, for sure!


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